FINDS:  F:303  PT:59   HH:62  C:25   V:48  PLB:173  E:35

PLACED:  P:78   PT:7    HH:123  C:60  Ps:2   V:25     PLB:15    E:11

Adopted:   P:1

TOTAL PFX:    P:319     F:705    X:190

by "Celtic Quinn" of the Kenmore Quinn Clan

Atlas Quest: Celtic Quinn        Blogger: Celtic Quinn

Boxes I've Found:

"Buffalo Wings10/12/04

"Food Lion11/7/04

"Drew The Cary Tree11/7/04

"Faith, Hope And Patience11/7/04

"Cupcakes" 11/13/04 (First Finder!)

"Migration" 11/13/04  (First Finder!)


"Family Tree" 11/13/04  

"Seasons" 11/13/04  

"Halloween" 11/13/04  

"Love O' The Irish11/13/04  

"Mare Bear" 11/13/04  

"Good Books" 11/13/04  

"Meg" 11/13/04  

"The Beeler" 11/13/04  

"Friends" 11/13/04  

"Hot Baths" 11/13/04  

"Anime Babes" 11/13/04  

"Ivy" 11/13/04  

"Snow Days" 11/13/04  

"To Your Health" 11/13/04  

"National Public Radio" 11/13/04  

"Grateful For Friends" 11/13/04  

"Thankful For Music" 11/13/04  

"Mighty Taco" 11/13/04

"Where's Wanda?" 11/13/04  

"In Honor Of St. George" 11/13/04  

"Bag of Bones" 11/13/04 

"The Chocolate Box" 11/13/04  

"Postal" 11/13/04  

"LBNY at the Movies" 11/13/04

"Cup Of Joe" 2/19/05

"The Letterbook" 2/21/05

"Medina Water Sprite" 2/21/05

"Erie Passage" 2/19/05

"Lonesome Train" 2/19/05

"Fishin' Woes" 2/19/05

"Squirrel's Treat4/10/05

"Culvert Earth Sprite" 7/2/05

"Moonlit Mile" 2/25/05

"A Winter Wonderland: Snow Showers" 2/25/05

"A Winter Wonderland: Snow Flurries" 2/25/05

"Homestar Runner" 3/28/05

"Lost Nearby" 4/10/05

"Whoooo's There?" 4/10/05

"Monsters of NY: Phantom Cat" 4/10/05 (Doubles as a Planted Box-adopted from JeLyBean)

"What A Drag" 4/10/05 (Bonus Box)

"Life Lessons from the Jukebox #17: Lynard Skynard (What's Your Name?)" 4/10/05 (brought to TGFTD Mini-meet by The Sprite)

"Life Lessons from the Jukebox #18: Glen Campbell (The Wichita Lineman) and Frankie Valli (My Eyes Adored You)" 4/10/05 (brought to TGFTD Mini-meet by The Sprite)

"Old Sal's Mystery" 7/2/05

"Penfield Park #1" 7/2/05

"Penfield Park #2" 7/2/05

"Penfield Park #3" 7/2/05

"Old Mill Stream" 7/2/05

"Choo Choo Ch'Boogie" 7/2/05

"The Sprilander Hitchhiker Hostel" 7/2/05

"Pom Pom" 7/24/05

"Falling Williamsville" 7/24/05

"Flying J" 7/24/05

"Thruway Series: NYS Fruit" 7/24/05

"Ben & Jerry: Chunky Monkey" 7/30/05

"A Gathering Traveller" 7/30/05 

"The Lion Tamer" 7/30/05 

"Seal With A Kiss" 7/30/05 

"Flea Circus Clown" 7/30/05 

"Boch's Circus: The Juggler" 7/30/05 

"Boch's Circus: Tiger" 7/30/05 

"Boch's Circus: Argoscioso la Grandioso" 7/30/05 

"Boch's Circus: The Human Cannonball" 7/30/05 

"Boch's Circus: Phineas Boch, Ringmaster" 7/30/05 

"Boch's Circus: Dancing Dog" 7/30/05 

"Boch's Circus: Charlie Chaplin" 7/30/05 

"Boch's Circus: Contortionist" 7/30/05 

"Boch's Circus: Peep Show" 7/30/05 

"Boch's Circus: Sideshow Gawkers" 7/30/05 

"Boch's Circus: Tattooed Woman" 7/30/05

"Boch's Circus: Clowning Around" 7/30/05 

"Boch's Circus: Backbone of the Circus" 7/30/05 

"Boch's Circus: Flying High" 7/30/05 

"Boch's Circus: Ladies & Gentlemen" 7/30/05 

"Boch's Circus: Amazing Feats" 7/30/05 

"Boch's Circus: The Elephant" 7/30/05 

"Vaudeville Act" 7/30/05 

"Eeew! Gross!" 7/30/05 

"Clown Cannon" 7/30/05 

"Trained Lion Summer" 7/30/05 

"Maciste Potenti" 7/30/05 

"Tables Turned #2" 7/30/05 

"Puppet Master" 7/30/05 

"Where's The Ripcord?" 7/30/05 

"Friday Night Lights" 7/30/05

"Moonlit Night" 7/30/05 

"Werewolf" 7/30/05 

"Night Hiking" 7/30/05

"Witch" 7/30/05 

"Night Light" 7/30/05 

"Sabrignome" 7/30/05 

"A Night At The Opera" 7/30/05 

"Night Train" 7/30/05 

"Night on the Town" 7/30/05 

"Knight In Shining Armor" 7/30/05 

"Night Rider" 7/30/05 

"One Night Stand" 7/30/05

"Day And Night" 7/30/05 

"Ghoul" 7/30/05 

"Kreepy Face" 7/30/05 

"Skellington Crew" 7/30/05 

"Beast" 7/30/05 

"Saturday Night Fever" 7/30/05 

"Deadly Nightshade" 7/30/05

"Bat" 7/30/05 

"Necrophobia" 7/30/05 

"Carcinophobia" 7/30/05 

"Acrophobia" 7/30/05 

"Brontaphobia" 7/30/05 

"Emenaphobia" 7/30/05 

"Claustrophobia" 7/30/05 

"Agoraphobia" 7/31/05 

"Sociophobia" 7/31/05 

"Arachnophobia" 7/31/05 

"The Cheat" 8/12/05 

"Thruway Series: NYS Beverage" 8/13/05 

"Penfield Park #4" 8/13/05 

"Penfield Park Mystery" 8/13/05 

"Strong Sad" 8/16/05 

"Glen Park Waterfall & Mill" 8/17/05

"Little Cabin In Indian Falls" 8/20/05

"Highlander Series: Iroquois Goose" 8/20/05

"Highlander Series: Tonawanda Widgeon" 8/20/05

"Highlander Series: Oak Orchard Creek Wood Duck" 8/20/05

"Deranged Daisy" 8/20/05

"What A Boy Wants" 8/20/05

"Ugly Bald Guy" 8/20/05

"Dances With Fire" 8/20/05

"Thankful for Refuge #2: Schoolhouse Marsh Overlook" 8/20/05

"The Plumber's Tools: The Bob-omb Box" 8/25/05

"The Plumber's Tools: The Coin" 8/25/05

"Weebls Footy Badger" 8/25/05

"Weebls Kenya" 8/25/05

"Weebls Magical Trevor" 8/25/05

"Sinking Ponds" 8/25/05

"Thruway Series: NYS Motto" 8/25/05

"D + D" 8/27/05 (First Finder!)

"Just Playin' Around WNY-Green Ghost" 8/27/05

"Just Playin' Around WNY-Connect Four" 8/27/05

"My First Bounce" 8/27/05

"Just Playin' Around WNY-Monopoly Series: Go" 8/27/05

"Just Playin' Around WNY-Monopoly Series: The Indigo Properties" 8/27/05

"Just Playin' Around WNY-Monopoly Series: The Light Blue Properties 8/27/05

"Just Playin' Around WNY-Monopoly Series: The Purple Properties" 8/27/05

"Just Playin' Around WNY-Monopoly Series: The Orange Properties" 8/27/05

"Just Playin' Around WNY-Monopoly Series: The Green Properties" 8/27/05

"Just Playin' Around WNY-Monopoly Series: The Yellow Properties" 8/27/05

"Just Playin' Around WNY-Monopoly Series: The Red Properties" 8/27/05

"Just Playin' Around WNY-Monopoly Series: The Blue Properties" 8/27/05

"Just Playin' Around WNY-Monopoly Series: Jail" 8/27/05

"Just Playin' Around WNY-Monopoly Series: Free Parking" 8/27/05

"Just Playin' Around WNY-Monopoly Series: Go To Jail" 8/27/05

"Just Playin' Around WNY-Monopoly Series: Electric Company" 8/27/05

"Just Playin' Around WNY-Monopoly Series: Water Works" 8/27/05

"Just Playin' Around WNY-Monopoly Series: The Railroads" 8/27/05

"Just Playin' Around WNY-Monopoly Series: Community Chest" 8/27/05

"Just Playin' Around WNY-Monopoly Series: Chance" 8/27/05

"Just Playin' Around WNY-Monopoly Series: Luxury Tax" 8/27/05

"Lego Series: Chewy" 8/27/05

"Lego Series: Yoda" 8/27/05

"Lego Series: Darth Vader" 8/27/05

"Lego Series: Darth Maul" 8/27/05

"Set" 8/27/05

"Kiss My Ace!" 8/27/05

"The Plumber's Tools: Mario Hat" 9/11/05

"The Plumber's Tools: Invisible Box" 9/11/05 (First Finder!)

"The Dragonball Series: One Star Ball" 9/11/05

"The Plumber's Tools: Winged Hat" 9/16/05 (First Finder!)

"The Plumber's Tools: The Potion" 9/19/05 (First Finder!)

"The Plumber's Tools: Mario's Glove" 9/25/05 (First Finder!)

"Jukebox Life Lessons #4: Helen Reddy" 9/25/05 

"Squeekers Takes A Holiday" 10/09/05

"The Childhood Memories Series: St. Paul's Church" 11/05/05

"Tic Toc #1" 11/05/05

"Birds of Prey: Flying High" 11/05/05

"Birds of Prey: Bird of Play" 11/05/05

"Thankful for Onions: A Good Show" 11/27/05

"Thankful for Onions: Read With A Friend" 11/27/05

"Thankful for Onions: Chickens" 11/27/05

"Thankful for Onions: Silly Friends" 11/27/05

"Thankful for Onions: Sunset Walks" 11/27/05

"Thankful for Onions: A Hug From A Little One" 11/27/05

"Studio Arena #1- The Man In Black" 1/7/06 

"Sid, the 2nd Snowflake" 2/18/06

"Happy Birthday, WINK!" 2/18/06

"Efflorescence" 2/18/06

"Cuppa Cocoa" 2/18/06

"Chocoholic" 2/18/06

"Abominable Snowman" 2/18/06

"Kids, Don't Try This At Home" 2/18/06

"Calvin's Snowmen #1" 2/18/06

"Calvin's Snowmen #2" 2/18/06

"Calvin's Snowmen #3" 2/18/06

"SNOW is a four letter word" 2/18/06

"Weatherhog" 2/18/06

"Life Lessons from the Jukebox: Rhinestone Cowboy" 3/11/06

"China Buffet" 3/11/06

"Kenmore Speed Trap" 4/12/06

"Presidential Halo" 4/23/06

"Poppy: Poppy" 4/23/06

"Poppy: Ragweed & Rye" 4/23/06

"Poppy: Mr. Ocax" 4/23/06

"Poppy: Ereth's Birthday" 4/23/06

"Poppy: Mephistis" 4/23/06

"Poppy: Silversides" 4/23/06

"Love Canal: Toxin #4" 5/3/06

"Goat Island" 5/3/06

"Good Oak" 5/3/06

" Egyptian" 5/12/06

"Tazo" 5/13/06

"The Scribe" 5/13/06

"Morroccan Pomegranate Red" 5/13/06

"Love Letters" 5/13/06

"Dancer Dancer" 5/13/06

"Hysterical" 5/13/06

"Michalengelo's Delphic Sybil" 5/13/06

"Lotsa Lincolns #1" 5/13/06

"Lotsa Lincolns #2" 5/13/06

"Lotsa Lincolns Bonus" 5/13/06

"Wassauc Green" 5/13/06

"Life Is Worth Fighting For" 5/14/06

"William Irving Broken Heart" 5/14/06

"Ray's Dilemma" 5/14/06

"Rhodadendrum Conundrum #1" 5/14/06

"Avalonia Series: Avalonia" 5/14/06

"Avalonia Series: Hummingbirds" 5/14/06

"Avalonia Series: Baa Baa Sheep" 5/14/06

"Ribbit's Cube" 5/14/06

"Science Olympics: Tin Foil Boat" 5/16/06

"Science Olympics: Straw Egg Drop" 5/16/06

"Science Olympics: Pasta Bridge" 5/16/06

"Science Olympics: Stirrer Straw Tower" 5/16/06

"Science Olympics: Logic Problem Grid" 5/16/06

"Science Olympics: Paper Airplane" 5/16/06

"Science Olympics: Marble Coaster" 5/16/06

"Science Olympics: Code Breaker Stamp" 5/16/06

"Curiosity" 5/23/06

"Wood Imp" 5/23/06

"The Two Towers" 5/23/06

"LeHigh Memory Trail" 5/23/06

"Arbor Day" 5/23/06

"NY Carillion #5" 5/23/06

"Trogdor II" 5/23/06

"To Your Health Too" 5/23/06

"An Exploitation Into Hundred Acre Wood: Christopher Robin" 5/2/06

"An Exploitation Into Hundred Acre Wood: Rabbit" 5/2/06

"An Exploitation Into Hundred Acre Wood: Tiggers Only Bounce Up" 5/2/06

"An Exploitation Into Hundred Acre Wood: The Fiercer Animals" 5/2/06

"An Exploitation Into Hundred Acre Wood: Piglet's Blustery Day" 5/2/06

"An Exploitation Into Hundred Acre Wood: Winnie the Pooh and the Honeypot Tree" 5/2/06

"An Exploitation Into Hundred Acre Wood: Eeyore" 5/2/06

"Lightining Strikes Twice" 6/18/06

"Gaia the Turtle" 6/18/06

"Cayuga Waterfront Trail" 6/18/06

"Farmer's Market" 6/18/06

"The Incredible Shrinking Man" 6/18/06

"All Access" 6/18/06

"Apricot Wheat" 6/18/06

"Bonne Fete!" 6/18/06

"'Detective Dogs' (super secret stamp)" 6/18/06

"Ithaca Is..." 6/18/06

"World Peas" 6/18/06

"Boxmobile" 6/18/06

"Joey's Pizza" 6/18/06

"Would You Like To Play?" 6/18/06

"The Woods At Midnight" 6/18/06

"Music To Letterbox To" 6/18/06

"Dragon Flies" 6/18/06

"Campnear Pool" 6/18/06

"Phantom Windmill" 6/18/06

"Old Stone Clapper Bridge" 6/18/06

"Duck's Pool" 6/18/06

"The Dewer And the Wisht Hounds" 6/18/06

"Golden Goddess" 6/18/06

"Sackett's Bridge" 6/18/06

"Snow Sprite" 6/18/06

"Wildflowers of Ithaca: Fiddleheads" 6/18/06

"Wildflowers of Ithaca: Hepatica" 6/18/06

"I Eat Smurfs" 6/28/06

"Name That Flavor" 6/28/06

"Name That Flavor Too" 6/28/06

"Selling Happiness" 6/28/06

"Moose Tracks" 6/28/06

"One Cool Chick" 6/28/06

"Elsie The Cow" 6/28/06

"Billina the Yellow Hen" 6/28/06

"Summer Cone" 6/28/06

"Ice Cream Maker" 6/28/06

"Ice Cream Social (Scoutdog)" 6/28/06

"Rico Suave" 6/28/06

"Viva Le Sorbe" 6/28/06

"The Scream" 6/28/06

"Dairy Queen" 6/28/06

"Death By Chocolate" 6/28/06

"Ice Cream Social (ToT)" 6/28/06

"SPCA" 7/5/06

"Wild About The Zoo" 7/11/06


Boxes I've Placed:

"Celtic Quinn's First Finder Bonus" Created on 11/21/05 (Listed as Mystery box)

"Monsters of NY: Phantom Cat" Placed on 4/15/05 (First Finder: Roc 'n Ron and Dusty Strings) (Note: This box has been adopted by us- originally planted by JeLyBean)

"Blue Devil Pride" Planted on 7/28/05 (My first Plant!!)(First Finder: Frog Flamer) (now Missing)

"Just Playin' Around WNY: Board Game Series" (6 boxes) Planted on 8/13/05
    1. "Backgammon" 
    2. "Chess" 
    3. "The Battleground" 
    4. "Checkers"
    5. "Mancala"
    6. "Chinese Checkers" 

"Just Playin' Around WNY: Card Game Series" (7 boxes) Planted on 8/13/05
1. "Blackjack" 
    2. "Go Fish"
    3. "Scat"
    4. "Spit" 
    5. "Hearts"
    6. "Solitaire"
    7. "War"

"The Plumber's Tools: Starman" Planted on 8/19/05

"The Plumber's Tools: Fireflower" Planted on 8/21/05 (Possibly missing)

"The Plumber's Tools: Mushrooms" Planted on 8/21/05 (Possibly missing)

"The Plumber's Tools: ? Box" Planted on 8/21/05

"The Plumber's Tools: Koopa Shell" Planted on 8/21/05

"The Plumber's Tools: Warp Pipes" Planted on 8/21/05

"The Plumber's Tools: Feather" Planted on 9/14/05 (now Missing)

"NFTA Bus Shelter Series: Elmwood and Rockwell" To Be Planted...

"NFTA Bus Shelter Series: TOPS Plaza" To Be Planted...

"NFTA Bus Shelter Series: Elmwood and Kenmore" Planted on 5/23/06

"Boxes by the Stream: Stones in the Water" Planted on 9/18/05

"Boxes by the Stream: A Path Through the Trees" Planted on 9/18/05

"Down By The River Hitchhiker Hostel" Planted on 12/23/05 (now presumed Missing)

"The Family Health Letterbook" To Be Planted...

"Jaguar Pride" Planted on 12/20/05

"The Knot Box" Planted on 5/3/06

"A Candle For My Love" Planted on 5/23/06

"Give Blood...Give Life: DeGraff Memorial" Planted on 5/23/06

"Treadway Inn Lighthouse" Planted on 4/23/06

"Snow Days" Planted on 4/23/06 (for Sprite and Highlander!)

"SCHWA: Planet Operator" Planted on 5/23/06

"Ctrl Alt Del" (9 boxes) Planted on 5/23/06

   1. "Ethan" 

   2. "Lucas"

   3. "Lilah"

   4. "Zeke" 

   5. "Scott"

   6. "Chef Brian"

   7. "Player One"

   8. "Player Two"

   9. "Player Three"

"A Pirate's Life For Me!" To Be Planted...

"Moon Pizza?" Planted on 5/13/06

"The Kenmore Quinn Clan Hitchhiker Hostel" Planted on 5/18/06

"Nature's Side Of Boxing" (6 boxes) Planted on 5/23/06

   1. "Trees"

   2. "Leaves"

   3. "Rocks"

   4. "Trails"

   5. "Stumps and Logs"

   6. "Water and Streams"

"The Treachery Of Stamps" Planted on 5/23/06

"Come Take A Dive!" Planted on 5/23/06

"Theme Park Food Court series" (18 boxes) To be planted...

   1. "Hot Dogs" 

   2. "Hamburgers"

   3. "Corn Dogs"

   4. "Nachos" 

   5. "French Fries"

   6. "Onion Rings"

   7. "Spaghetti"

   8. "Pizza"

   9. "Tacos"

   10. "Candy"

   11. "Cotton Candy"

   12. "Ice Cream"

   13. "Cherry Topping" (Bonus Box)

   14. "Icee"

   15. "Tea or Coffee"

   16. "Soda Pop"

   17. "Water"

   18. "Money"

"The Laughing Mask Of Olidammara" Planted on 7/5/06

"Olidammara, The Laughing Rogue" Planted on 7/5/06

"Mini Urban Sights: A CAT" To Be Planted...


Personal Travelers Found:

"Joan Darling"  (Talking Turtle's traveler) 7/30/05 

"The Boo Box" (The Sprite and Highlander's traveler) 11/13/04 (Now retired)

"Pat's Traveler" (Pat of Team Dakota's traveler) 7/24/05

"Michelle's Traveler" (Michelle of Team Dakota's traveler) 7/24/05

"M + M" (The Sprite and the Highlander's traveler) 8/13/05 

"I Do" (DavidandKaaren's traveler) 8/25/05

"The Penguin Flies At Midnight" (Craftymouse and Dandelion's traveler) 8/27/05

"Gloria Long" (Lock Wench's traveler) 8/27/05

"Summer On The Erie Canal" (Catbead's traveler) 8/27/05

"Golden Gecko" (Songchick's traveler) 8/27/05

"Mary And Danny's Wedding" 7/30/05

"Dragonball Z Attack" (Moonlightgamer's traveler) 9/25/05

"My Little Star" (Green Star Quinn's traveler) 10/16/05

"Necronomicon" (Knitica's traveler) 11/13/05

"The Horror!" (Knitica's traveler) 11/13/05

"Canned By Hand" (DixieKin's traveler) 11/16/05 (First Finder!)

"Proud Uncle" (Moonlightgamer's traveler) 12/11/05

"Cracked Love" (Moonlightgamer's traveler) 12/11/05 (First Finder!)

"John Uskglass" (The Red Cat's traveler) 1/28/06

"Polish...and Proud Of It" (Trailhundz's traveler) 2/18/06

"Monkey Business" (Budgie's traveler) 2/18/06

"Monkey Business" (Trailhundz's traveler) 2/18/06

"Monkey Business" (Artichoke's traveler) 2/18/06

"Ex-In-A-Box" (Lock Wench's traveler) 2/19/06 (First Finder! with Knitica)

"Porpoise In Life" (Peace And Balance's traveler) 2/18/06

"Hat Without A Cat" (Phynstar's traveler) 2/18/06

"Where's Mally?" (Artichoke's traveler) 2/18/06

"My Life Is An..." ('s traveler) 2/18/06

"Leafy Seadragon" (Spudhund's traveler) 2/18/06

"Drink Of Choice" (Spudhund's traveler) 2/18/06

"On My Visit To Honeydukes..." (Craftymouse's traveler) 2/18/06

"Samara" (Kreepy Kelli's traveler) 5/12/06

"Chrissy's PT" (Brandy's traveler) 5/13/06

"SICC Kreepy PT" (Kreepy Kelli's traveler) 5/13/06

"Mark Pepe's PT" (Mark Pepe's traveler) 5/13/06

"Bandaid's PT" (Bandaid's traveler) 5/13/06

"Serious Injury" (Bandaid's traveler) 5/13/06

"One For The Kids" (Littlemonkey's traveler) 5/13/06

"Littlemonkey's PT" (Littlemonkey's traveler) 5/13/06

"Advice For A Good Marriage" (Littlemonkey's traveler) 5/13/06

"Zen" (Team Green Dragon's traveler) 5/13/06

"Northstar's PT" (Northstar's traveler) 5/13/06

"May Eve's PT" (May Eve's traveler) 5/13/06

"Peanut" (May Eve's traveler) 5/13/06

"Baby D's PT" (Flutterby's traveler) 5/13/06

"Flutterby's PT" (Flutterby's traveler) 5/13/06

"Enologist's PT" (Enologist's traveler) 5/13/06

"Totalled!" (Music Woman's traveler) 5/13/06

"Dewberry's PT" (Dewberry's traveler) 6/5/06

"Peter Pan's PT" (Peter Pan's traveler) 6/12/06

"Black Spot" (Black Jack's traveler) 6/17/06

"What Are You Reading Now?" (Joystar's traveler) 6/17/06

"Atlas Quest Birthday" (Green Tortuga's traveler) 6/18/06

"CrunchyMama's PT" (CruncyMama's traveler) 6/18/06

"Peppermint Patty" (Ithacabelle's traveler) 6/18/06

"Siren Sublime" ('s traveler) 6/18/06

"Bribe Me" (Green Tortuga's traveler) 6/18/06

"Happy Camper" (Peace and Balance's traveler) 6/18/06

"The Fire Giant" (FIREBALL's traveler) 7/6/06


Personal Travelers Created: 

"Dan Brown's 'The DaVinci Code' 7/30/05 

"The Strawberry Prince" 8/6/05

"Hurry Me Home Sweet Heart" 8/27/05

"Knot Your Average Knot" 12/17/05

"Kiki" 12/19/05

"The Affairs Of Dragons" 6/10/06

"Shiny Goldpiece" 6/10/06


Hitchhikers Discovered:

"Don't Forget" 11/13/04  

"PACE Yourself" 11/13/04  

"Lockport City School District LCSD" 11/13/04

"An American Haggis" 11/13/04 

"Anna Merritt Eagles" 11/13/04 

"Joy Of Books" 2/19/05  

"Wandering Celt II" 2/25/05  

"Smiling Faces Butterfly" 4/6/05 

"Geddon" 4/27/05

"Baseball-It's a Home Run!" 5/5/05  

"LEECH A-Salt Team Kit" 5/18/05  

"Bowl Of Soup" 6/6/05 

"Stanley Manor Murder Mystery Clue #8" 7/16/05 

"The Kissing Hand" 6/22/05

"Little Woodcut #1" 7/2/05 

"Little Woodcut #3" 7/2/05 

"Global Hitchhiker" 7/2/05 

"Hatbox HH Sam" 7/2/05  

"Think Spring!!!" 7/2/05 

"Mountain Bear" 7/2/05  

"Just A Note" 7/5/05

"S.W.A.K." 7/2/05  

"First Prize! Bow" 7/5/05

"Signs of Fall" 7/24/05

"Sandy Point Lighthouse" 7/24/05

"Not the real Elvis" 7/24/05

"Long Shot" 7/29/05  (First Finder!)

"Voyage of the Narwhal" 7/25/05 

"Rebels With Clues" 7/29/05   

"Abut" 8/25/05 

"Broadway: Aida" 8/25/05 (First Finder!)

"Broadway: The Music Man" 8/25/05 (First Finder!)

"Fruit of the Loom" 8/30/05 

"Bucket of Bolts" 9/19/05

"Dash" 10/06/05  

"Sports on T.V." 10/09/05 

"Baby Love" 10/09/05 

"Chocolate Cloisonne" 10/09/05 

"Word Worm" 10/09/05 

"Nightmare Before Christmas ring: Oogie Boogie- Maggot HH" 10/23/05  

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer ring: The Gentlemen - Heart HH" RECD 10/19/05

"Add It Up" 11/1/05  

"Tweet" 11/4/05 

"Pissed Off Penguin" 11/4/05 

"Louisianna"  11/12/05 

"Boo Boo Bear Too!" 12/16/05 

"Thumbin' Hitchhiker" 12/22/05 

"Sweet Treats: Everlasting Gobstoppers" 1/12/06 

"Kevin Smith ring: Eat Me" 2/4/06

"Zero To Sixty" 3/11/06

"The Day The Music Died" 3/23/06

"Mooby the Golden Calf" 4/15/06

"Kevin Smith at Vulgarathon" 4/20/06

"Partial Solar Eclipse" 4/20/06

"Hunting Season" 5/7/06

"Dragonfly 05 1" 5/13/06

"Lost Cities- Constantinople" 5/13/06

"Driftwood Nail Family" 5/12/06

"Thrill Me" 5/14/06

"Bad Joke Fairy" 5/14/06

"Beauty On The Beach" 5/14/06

"Lightsabre Combat #2" 6/17/06


Hitchhikers Created:

"Celtic Quinn's Pocket Knot" 6/24/05 (my first HH creation!) 

"Celtic Quinn's Traveling Knot"  9/16/05  

"M.C. Escher's Impossible Triangle" 7/16/05 

"Diesel Sweeties: Metal Steve's Skull" 8/14/05 

"Diesel Sweeties: Little Sis' Heart" 8/14/05 

"Diesel Sweeties: I AM TEN NINJAS" 8/14/05 

"Diesel Sweeties: Play Old Video Games" 8/14/05 

"Mario's Mushrooms: The 1Up Mushroom" 8/15/05 

"Mario's Mushrooms: The Super Mushroom" 8/15/05 

"Mario's Mushrooms: The Shrink Mushroom" 8/16/05 

"Mario's Mushrooms: The Poisonous Mushroom" 8/16/05 

"The Impossibles: Multicube" 9/15/05  

"The Impossibles: Triangle Puzzle"  9/16/05 

"The Impossibles: Disconnected Box" 1/4/06  

"Half-Life 2" 9/16/05  

"Bad Girl's Room" 9/16/05  

"A Pen in Your Pocket" 9/18/05

"Post-It Note" 9/19/05 

" Kittens Equal Poptarts" 9/20/05 

" Pirate Monkey Robot" 9/22/05 

" Overclocked Lemon" 9/23/05 

" Double HH Piece 1- Zombie Peanut Butter " 9/23/05 

" Double HH Piece 2- I Live In Beer" 9/23/05 

"Something Positive: Logo" 9/29/05 

"Something Positive: Murr!"  1/4/06  

"Ctrl Alt Del: Logo" 9/29/05 

"Ctrl Alt Del: Mac Panthers" 9/29/05 

"Ctrl Alt Del: Rated L337" 10/3/05 

"Questionable Content: Bearmonster" 9/29/05 

"Questionable Content: ASCII Broken Heart" 12/3/05 

"Computer Fun: Solitaire" 10/21/05 

"Computer Fun: Spider Solitaire" 10/21/05 

"Computer Fun: Minesweeper" 10/21/05 

"Computer Fun: Pinball" 10/21/05 

"Microsoft Office: OneNote" 10/24/05 

"Microsoft Office: PowerPoint" 10/24/05 

"Microsoft Office: Outlook" 10/24/05 

"Microsoft Office: Excel" 10/24/05 

"Microsoft Office: Access" 10/24/05 

"Microsoft Office: FrontPage" 10/24/05 

"Microsoft Office: Word" 10/24/05 

"Microsoft Office: Publisher" 10/25/05 

"Microsoft Office: Visio" 11/19/05 

"Microsoft Office: InfoPath" 11/19/05 

"The Glass Ghost" 10/24/05 

"Shy Like A Ghost" 10/24/05 

"Windows Error: Blue Screen Of Death" 10/25/05 

"Using Computers: AOL Instant Messenger" 10/27/05 

"Using Computers: Notepad" 10/27/05 

"Using Computers: Calculator" 10/27/05 

"Using Computers: Windows Media Player" 10/27/05 

"Using Computers: Internet Explorer" 10/27/05 

"Using Computers: Recycle Bin" 10/27/05 

"Using Computers: MusicMatch Jukebox" 10/28/05 

"Using Computers: Folder" 10/28/05 

"Using Computers: Paint" 10/28/05 

"Using Computers: Magnifier" 10/28/05 

"Using Computers: Windows Explorer" 10/28/05 

"Using Computers: My Computer" 10/28/05 

"Using Computers: Quicktime" 10/28/05 

"Using Computers: Volume" 10/29/05 

"Using Computers: Disk Defragmenter" 11/2/05 

"Give Blood...Give Life: Red Cross Pin" 11/3/05 

"Never Happened" 11/3/05 

"Sweet Treats: Isn't Life Juicy?" 11/4/05 

"Sweet Treats: Taste The Rainbow" 11/23/05 

"Sweet Treats: Melts In Your Mouth" 11/23/05 

"Sweet Treats: Tiny, Tangy, Crunchy Candy" 12/3/05 

"Sweet Treats: Milk Chocolate Caramels" 12/3/05 

"Sweet Treats: Swedish Fish" 12/9/05 

"Sweet Treats: Lifesavers" 12/10/05 

"Sweet Treats: Cream Savers" 1/1/06 

"Sweet Treats: Candy Hearts" 1/1/06 

"Sweet Treats: Jolly Ranchers" 1/1/06 

"Sweet Treats: Candy Corn" 1/1/06 

"Sweet Treats: Blow Pops" 1/1/06 

"Sweet Treats: Cotton Candy" 1/1/06 

"The Power Button" 12/3/05 

"The Great Egress" 12/3/05 

"The Matrix: Red Pill" 12/3/05 

"The Matrix: Blue Pill" 12/3/05 

"Future's So Bright..." 12/4/05 

"Have A Kiwi?" 12/5/05 

"Nice Tie, Mr." 12/5/05 

"Piece Of Paper" 12/6/05 

"Morning Cup of Tea" 12/10/05 

"Spare Change" 12/10/05 

"WHAT?" 12/11/05 

"Fear, Itself: Arachnophobia" 12/20/05 

"Fear, Itself: Aichmophobia" 12/20/05 

"Fear, Itself: Atychiphobia" 12/20/05 

"Fear, Itself: Agoraphobia" 12/20/05 

"Fear, Itself: Arsonphobia" 12/20/05 

"Fear, Itself: Agyrophobia" 12/20/05 

"Fear, Itself: Acrophobia" 12/20/05 

"Fear, Itself: Arithmophobia" 12/20/05 

"Fear, Itself: Chromophobia" 12/21/05

"Fear, Itself: Dendrophobia" 12/21/05 

"Fear, Itself: Bibliophobia" 12/21/05 

"Fear, Itself: Chronomentrophobia" 12/21/05

"Fear, Itself: Cyberphobia" 12/21/05 

"Fear, Itself: Cynophobia" 12/21/05 

"Fear, Itself: Electrophobia" 1/3/06 

"Fear, Itself: Necrophobia" 1/3/06 

"Fear, Itself: Chionophobia" 1/3/06 

"Fear, Itself: Ophidiophobia" 1/3/06 

"Fear, Itself: Felinophobia" 1/4/06 

"Fear, Itself: Methyphobia" 1/4/06 

"Fear, Itself: Vestiphobia" 1/4/06 

"Fear, Itself: Triskaidekaphobia" 1/4/06 

"Fear, Itself: Xenophobia" 1/4/06 

"Fear, Itself: Taphaphobia" 1/4/06

"Secret Spooky Letterbox Ceremony" 12/21/05 

"Knot Yours" 1/2/06  

"Knot Rope" 1/4/06  

"Where's George?" 1/4/06

"SCHWA: World Operations Manual" 4/25/06

"Knot Chain" 5/11/06

"The Itty Bitty HH" 5/22/06

"Microsoft Office" 7/5/06

"The Infinite Cat Project" 7/5/06

"The Invisible Ghost" 7/5/06

"The Broken Ghost" 7/5/06


Cooties Found:

"Ithacootie" 7/28/05

"Cayuga Cootie" 7/30/05

"Who, Me? Cootie" 8/25/05 (First Finder!)

"The Go Swim Cootie" 8/25/05 (First Finder!)

"The Chubb Bug" Cootie 8/27/05

"The Christina Cootie" 8/27/05

"The Poison Ivy Cootie" 8/27/05

"Roll It" cootie 2/18/06

"Head Lice" cootie 2/18/06

"Frostbite" cootie 2/18/06

"Grasshopper" cootie 2/18/06

"Desperaux the Cootie" 2/18/06

"Land Shark" cootie 2/19/06

"Scabby Scabies" cootie 2/19/06

"Bugs In My Suds" cootie 2/19/06

"The Sub Bug" cootie 5/12/06

"Sunny Baudalaire" cootie 5/13/06

"Chicken Hawk" cootie 6/17/06

"The Sky Is Falling!" cootie 6/17/06

"Dixie Dump" cootie 6/17/06

"Katie Did It" cootie 6/17/06

"Dixie Chigger" cootie 6/17/06

"Mosquito Bite" cootie 6/17/06

"Booger? No, Snot!" cootie 6/17/06

"Pecking Order" cootie 6/17/06


Cooties Created:

"Irish Fever Cootie- The Knot Bug" 7/28/05 

"Irish Fever Cootie- The Twist Bug" 8/20/05 

"Irish Fever Cootie- The Loop Bug" 12/21/05 

"Irish Fever Cootie- The Tie Bug" 5/8/06

"The Love Bug Cootie" 8/10/05 

"The Death Bug Cootie" 8/11/05 

"The H.E. Double Hockey Sticks Cootie" 8/15/05 

"The Sad Bug Cootie" 8/20/05 

"The Disappointment Bug Cootie" 8/20/05 

"The Fighting Cooties" 8/20/05 

"The Happy Bug Cootie" 8/21/05 

"The Lazy Bug Cootie" 8/24/05 

"The Bug-Eyed Cootie" 9/13/05  

"Ewww...Girls!' cootie 12/10/05 

"Ewww...Boys!' cootie 12/10/05 

"The Water Bug' cootie 12/17/05 

"The Fire Bug' cootie 12/19/05 

"The Earth Bug' cootie 12/19/05 

"The Air Bug' cootie 12/21/05 

"The Kiss Me Goodbye Cootie" 12/21/05 

"The Giggle Bug Cootie" 12/21/05 

"The Smile Bug Cootie" 12/21/05 

"Little Terror Cootie" 2/18/06 (carved and released at Desperately Seeking Suds event) (carved by Sweet Heart)

"The Geek Bug cootie" 3/3/06

"The Talking Bug cootie" 5/2/06

"The Sleeping Bug cootie" 5/8/06

"The Strong Bug cootie" 5/8/06

"The Healing Bug cootie" 5/8/06

"The Shy Bug cootie" 5/8/06

"The Sick Bug cootie" 5/8/06

"The Computer Bug cootie" 5/8/06

"The Pain Bug cootie" 5/8/06

"The Laughing Bug cootie" 5/8/06

"The Crying Bug cootie" 5/8/06

"A Letterbug" cootie 5/24/06

"B Letterbug" cootie 5/24/06

"C Letterbug" cootie 5/24/06

"D Letterbug" cootie 5/29/06

"E Letterbug" cootie 5/29/06

"F Letterbug" cootie 5/30/06

"G Letterbug" cootie 5/30/06

"H Letterbug" cootie 5/30/06

"I Letterbug" cootie 5/31/06

"J Letterbug" cootie 5/31/06

"K Letterbug" cootie 5/31/06

"L Letterbug" cootie 5/31/06

"M Letterbug" cootie 5/31/06

"N Letterbug" cootie 5/31/06

"O Letterbug" cootie 5/31/06

"P Letterbug" cootie 5/31/06

"Q Letterbug" cootie 5/31/06

"R Letterbug" cootie 5/31/06

"S Letterbug" cootie 5/31/06

"T Letterbug" cootie 5/31/06

"U Letterbug" cootie 5/31/06

"V Letterbug" cootie 5/31/06

"W Letterbug" cootie 5/31/06

"X Letterbug" cootie 5/31/06

"Y Letterbug" cootie 5/31/06

"Z Letterbug" cootie 5/31/06


Parasites (Ps) Found:


Parasites (Ps) Created:

"Poison Ivy Parasite" 2/9/06

"Prevent 'Em Parasite" 2/12/06 


Virtual Letterboxes Found:

"PACE Virtual Stamp #1 Children's Mysteries" 6/28/05 (my first Virtual box find!)

"Arizona Virtual Letterbox" 7/25/05

"Rhode Island Virtual Letterbox" 7/25/05

"Crazy For Daisies" 7/25/05

"November 6th, 2003" 7/25/05

"Emerald City" 10/9/05

"WDW Treasure Hunt- MK #1 Monorail" 10/9/05

"WDW Treasure Hunt- MK #2 Railroad" 10/10/05

"WDW Treasure Hunt- MK #3 Ferryboats" 10/10/05

"WDW Treasure Hunt- MK #4 Swiss Family Treehouse" 10/10/05

"WDW Treasure Hunt- MK #5 Jungle Cruise" 10/10/05

"WDW Treasure Hunt- MK #6 Aladdin's Magic Carpets" 10/10/05

"WDW Treasure Hunt- MK #7 Enchanted Tiki Room" 10/10/05

"WDW Treasure Hunt- MK #8 Pirates of the Caribbean" 10/10/05

"WDW Treasure Hunt- MK #9 Big Thunder Mt. Railroad" 10/10/05

"WDW Treasure Hunt- MK #10 Splash Mountain" 10/11/05

"WDW Treasure Hunt- MK #11 Tom Sawyer Island" 10/11/05

"WDW Treasure Hunt- MK #12 Country Bears Jamboree" 10/11/05

"WDW Treasure Hunt- MK #13 It's A Small World" 10/11/05

"WDW Treasure Hunt- MK #14 Peter Pan's Flight" 10/11/05

"WDW Treasure Hunt- MK #15 Cinderella's Golden Carrousel" 4/1/06

"WDW Treasure Hunt- MK #16 Cinderella's Castle" 4/1/06

"WDW Treasure Hunt- MK #17 Dumbo" 4/1/06

"WDW Treasure Hunt- MK #18 Snow White" 4/2/06

"WDW Treasure Hunt- MK #19 Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh" 4/2/06

"WDW Treasure Hunt- MK #20 Mad Tea Party" 4/2/06

"WDW Treasure Hunt- MK #21 PhilharMagic" 4/3/06

"WDW Treasure Hunt- MK #22 Mickey's Country House" 4/3/06

"WDW Treasure Hunt- MK #23 Minnie's Country House" 4/3/06

"WDW Treasure Hunt- MK #24 Donald's Boat House" 4/3/06

"JARS VLB - Famous Faces - Mr. Magoo" 11/29/05

"JARS VLB - Famous Faces - Charlie Chaplin" 12/10/05

"JARS VLB - Famous Faces - Santa Claus" 12/12/05

"Charlemagne" 12/12/05

"Christmas Around The World" 12/27/05

"AQ Scavenger Hunt" 1/28/06

"JARS Virtual Letterbox - Monster Love" 2/13/06

"Daily Good Series: The Hunger Site" 2/16/06

"Who Said That? - #1" 3/9/06

"Wonderful Weather: Furious Floods" 3/22/06

"Wonderful Weather: Texas Tornado" 3/22/06

"Starter Fun" 5/29/06

"Book Karma" 6/2/06

"Peatbank Box #1: Peatbank" 6/3/06

"Peatbank Box #2: Sign" 6/3/06

"Peatbank Box #3: Lost Dog" 6/3/06

"Peatbank Box #4: Elusive Welsh Pixie" 6/3/06

"Peatbank Box #5: Peat Cutter" 6/3/06


Click Here for my Virtual Letterboxes!


Postal Letterboxes Received:

"Family Fun" Surprise PLB RECD 3/26/05 (1st PLB!!!)

"Christmas All Year Round" Newbie Ring PLB RECD 3/28/05  

"In Honor of The US Post Office" Random PLB RECD 4/6/05 

"Star of 2004" "RECD 4/10/05" (brought to the TGFTD Mini-meet by Dagonell the Pirate)

"A Series Of Unfortunate Boxes: Our Tragic Hero Mr. Bean" RECD 4/11/05

"A Series Of Unfortunate Boxes: A Mother's Love" RECD 4/11/05  

"A Series Of Unfortunate Boxes: Oppressed" RECD 4/11/05  

"A Series Of Unfortunate Boxes: Tribute To Edward Gorey: The Doubtful Guest" RECD 4/14/05

"A Series Of Unfortunate Boxes: I Got A Rock" RECD 4/18/05

"A Series Of Unfortunate Boxes: Event Stamp" RECD 4/25/05

"A Series Of Unfortunate Boxes: Mary, Queen Of Scots" RECD 4/27/05

"A Series Of Unfortunate Boxes: Star-Cross'd" RECD 5/5/05

"A Series Of Unfortunate Boxes: A Prayer For Owen Meany" RECD 5/11/05

"A Series Of Unfortunate Boxes: The Woeful Box" RECD 5/14/05

"A Series Of Unfortunate Boxes: Lachrymose Leeches" RECD 5/18/05

"A Series Of Unfortunate Boxes: Cold-Blooded Consultant" RECD 5/23/05

"A Series Of Unfortunate Boxes: Have You Seen 3 Orphans?" RECD 5/26/05

"Welcome to the World Of Rainbow Brite" "RECD 4/16/05"

"Red Hat Mamas" RECD 4/21/05

"The Colorado Explorer" RECD 4/25/05

"Movie Mania Ring: Pink Panther" RECD 4/29/05

"Movie Mania Ring: Buckaroo Bonzai" RECD 5/7/05

"Movie Mania Ring: Back To The Future" RECD 5/7/05

"Movie Mania Ring: A Walk In The Clouds" RECD 5/11/05

"Movie Mania Ring: Finding Nemo/Raising Arizona double feature" RECD 5/28/05

"Movie Mania Ring: Hoosiers" RECD 6/9/05

"Movie Mania Ring: 'The Matrix' Choi and DuJour" RECD 6/9/05

"Movie Mania Ring: The Sound Of Music" RECD 6/13/05

"Movie Mania Ring: Harry Potter" RECD 6/22/05

"Movie Mania Ring: Field of Dreams" RECD 6/23/05

"Movie Mania Ring: East of Eden" RECD 6/23/05

"Movie Mania Ring: The Sixth Sense" RECD 6/27/05

"Movie Mania Ring: Dances With Wolves" RECD 7/14/05

"Movie Mania Ring: Zebra In The Kitchen" RECD 7/14/05

"Movie Mania Ring: The Green Mile" RECD 8/12/05

"Movie Mania Ring: A Star Is Borne/Funny Girl" RECD 8/30/05

"Movie Mania Ring: Harold and Maude" RECD 8/30/05

"Movie Mania Ring: North by Northwest" RECD 9/8/05

"Movie Mania Ring: There's No Place Like Home" (Wizard of Oz) RECD 9/19/05

"Movie Mania Ring: When Harry Met Sally" RECD 10/09/05

"Movie Mania: Princess Bride" RECD 11/1/05

"Turtle Love" RECD 5/5/05

"Mardi-Gras Magic" RECD 5/6/05

"Book Chatter Ring: Janet Evanovich's 'Ten Big Ones'" RECD 5/11/05

"Book Chatter Ring: Richard Adam's "Watership Down"" RECD 5/16/05

"Book Chatter Ring: Barbara Hodgson's "The Sensualist"" RECD 5/18/05   

"Book Chatter Ring: Mark Haddon's "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime"" RECD 5/31/05

"Book Chatter Ring: Barbara Kingsolver's "The Poisonwood Bible"" RECD 6/1/05

"Book Chatter Ring: Bernie S. Siegel's "Love, Medicine and Miracles"" RECD 6/6/05

"Book Chatter Ring: Debbie Macomber's "Cedar Cove" series" RECD 6/8/05

"Book Chatter Ring: Nicholas Sparks' 'The Wedding'" RECD 6/22/05

"Book Chatter Ring: "Peace Like A River"" RECD 7/5/05

"Book Chatter Ring: "The Secret Life Of Bees" RECD 7/25/05

"Christmas With The Kranks (vol. 2)" RECD 5/27/05

"Mind Your Own Business" RECD 5/28/05

"Leaping Lizard" RECD 5/31/05

"Tiki Time" RECD 6/6/05

"Speak Friend And Enter" RECD 6/11/05

"Risk A Little Light" RECD 6/11/05 (bonus stamp in 'Speak Friend And Enter")

"Circle Fun" RECD 7/5/05

"Dino the Dinosaur" RECD 7/14/05

"Graduation from the Newbie Ring" RECD 7/18/05

"Cupids and Angels and Cherubs, Oh My!" RECD 8/17/05

"Nightmare Before Christmas Ring: Jack And Sally" RECD 9/11/05

"Nightmare Before Christmas Ring: Oogie Boogie Pumpkin" RECD 9/19/05

"Nightmare Before Christmas Ring: Sound the Alarm" RECD 10/20/05

"Nightmare Before Christmas Ring: Shock" RECD 10/20/05

"Nightmare Before Christmas Ring: Zero" RECD 10/23/05

"Nightmare Before Christmas Ring: Oogie Boogie" RECD 10/23/05

"Nightmare Before Christmas Ring: Dr. Finklestein" RECD 11/26/05

"Nightmare Before Christmas Ring: Mayor Of Halloweentown" RECD 11/28/05

"Nightmare Before Christmas Ring: Zero" RECD 12/2/05

"Nightmare Before Christmas Ring: Cat-In-The-Box" RECD 12/2/05

"Nightmare Before Christmas Ring: Lock, Shock, and Barrel" RECD 12/6/05

"Corpse Bride" RECD 10/20/05

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer ring: Buffy, Angel, and Spike" RECD 9/19/05

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer ring: Anya's Necklace" RECD 10/14/05

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer ring: What's With All The Carrots?" RECD 10/14/05

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer ring: Vamp Willow" RECD 10/14/05

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer ring: The Gentlemen" RECD 10/19/05

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer ring: Mutant Enemy" RECD 10/20/05

"RUAN" RECD 9/19/05

"Jackpot!" RECD 10/06/05

"Wonder Woman" RECD 10/09/05

"KCSB the PLB" RECD 10/09/05

"101 Things at a Gathering: Bring Duck Repellant" RECD 10/18/05

"101 Things at a Gathering: Watch Out For Bugs" RECD 11/12/05

"101 Things at a Gathering: Don't Assume" RECD 11/12/05

"101 Things at a Gathering: Gathering Tip #4" RECD 11/12/05

"101 Things at a Gathering: Don't Be Late" RECD 11/12/05

"101 Things at a Gathering: Always Read Your Clues Beforehand!" RECD 1/1/06

"Charmed" RECD 11/1/05

"Jelly Belly Surprise" RECD 11/25/05

"E Mail Tangram" RECD 12/11/05

"Snail Mail Tangram" RECD 12/11/05

"The Boo Boo Box" RECD 12/16/05

"Camelot PLB ring: Lady Of The Lake" RECD 1/1/06

"Sweet Treats ring: Bottlecaps" RECD 1/8/06

"Sweet Treats ring: Wonka Bar" RECD 1/9/06

"Sweet Treats ring: The Golden Ticket" RECD 1/9/06 (Bonus inside 'Wonka Bar' PLB!)

"Sweet Treats ring: Kinder Surprise" RECD 1/20/06

"Sweet Treats ring: Milky Way Midnight" RECD 1/20/06

"Sweet Treats ring: Gummi Worm Sours" RECD 1/28/06

"Sweet Treats ring: Candy Canes" RECD 1/30/06

"Sweet Treats ring: Jelly Belly Flavors" RECD 2/9/06

"Sweet Treats ring: Mary Janes" RECD 2/25/06

"Sweet Treats ring: Fireballs and Kisses" RECD 3/9/06

"Sweet Treats ring: Candy Necklaces" RECD 3/20/06

"Sweet Treats ring: Chocolate Rides Again!" RECD 3/20/06

"Sweet Treats ring: Caramel Creams" RECD 3/31/06

"Sweet Treats ring: Maple Sugar Candy" RECD 3/31/06

"Sweet Treats ring: Lik-M-Aid Fun Dip" RECD 3/31/06

"Sweet Treats ring: Dove Chocolate" RECD 5/2/06

"Sweet Treats ring: Lemonheads" RECD 5/15/06

"Sweet Treats ring: Peanut M&M's" RECD 5/15/06

"Sweet Treats ring: Haribo Gold Bears" RECD 5/15/06

"Survivor: Guatemala" RECD 1/12/06

"Kevin Smith ring: Clerks Gonna Get A Gatorade" RECD 1/12/06

"Kevin Smith ring: Clerks Bonus Box Gum In The Locks" RECD 1/12/06

"Kevin Smith ring: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" RECD 1/14/06

"Kevin Smith ring: Happy Scrappy Hero Pup video" RECD 1/20/06

"Kevin Smith ring: Catholicism WOW!" RECD 1/27/06

"Kevin Smith ring: Buddy Christ" RECD 2/4/06

"Kevin Smith ring: Chasing Amy" RECD 2/15/06

"Kevin Smith ring: The Platypus" RECD 2/15/06

"Kevin Smith ring: Genocide and Soccer" RECD 2/16/06

"Kevin Smith ring: Dante And Randal" RECD 2/25/06

"Kevin Smith ring: Bluntman and Chronic" RECD 3/5/06

"Kevin Smith ring: Tell 'em Steve-Dave" RECD 4/15/06

"Kevin Smith ring: Metatron" RECD 4/15/06

"Kevin Smith ring: Vulgar" RECD 4/20/06

"Break-Up Letterbox" RECD 1/24/06

"The Alice Tribute Box" RECD 1/24/06 (Six great stamps!)

"Whooo's Next?" RECD 2/25/06

"Feathered Cap" RECD 2/18/06

"Poetry PLB ring: Blue Star Time" RECD 3/4/06

"Poetry PLB ring: Milk" RECD 3/11/06

"Poetry PLB ring: Main Moon Sail" RECD 3/20/06

"Poetry PLB ring: Now?" RECD 3/22/06

"Poetry PLB ring: The Flower" RECD 3/23/06

"Poetry PLB ring: Iambic Pentameter" RECD 4/6/06

"Poetry PLB ring: PLB Addiction" RECD 4/20/06

"Poetry PLB ring: Wheel Of The Year" RECD 4/20/06

"Poetry PLB ring: Wonderful World of Work" RECD 6/28/06

"Poetry PLB ring: Sweet Tastes" RECD 6/28/06

"Enchantress's Magic: Oceanna's Blessing" RECD 3/11/06

"Enchantress's Magic: Sphinx" RECD 3/25/06

"Enchantress's Magic ring: Sprite" RECD 6/18/06

"Child's Play: Red Light, Green Light" RECD 3/11/06

"Celtic Exclusion: Oircrois" RECD 5/13/06

"Celtic Exclusion: Celtic Cross" RECD 5/13/06

"Celtic Exclusion: Oraiste" RECD 5/13/06

"Celtic Exclusion: Corca Bramasaq" RECD 5/13/06

"Celtic Exclusion: Glassniam" RECD 5/13/06

"Celtic Exclusion: Celtic Experience" RECD 5/13/06

"Celtic Exclusion: Valknut" RECD 5/13/06

"Celtic Exclusion: Glas Saoil" RECD 5/13/06

"Celtic Exclusion: Calpa Smaray Bules" RECD 5/13/06

"Celtic Exclusion: Dubh Sgaith" RECD 5/13/06

"Celtic Exclusion: Ailean Breid" RECD 5/13/06

"D-Ring: Speak Up, I Can't Hear You" RECD 5/12/06

"D-Ring: Pony Girl" RECD 5/12/06

"D-Ring: Sub" RECD 5/12/06

"D-Ring: Vanessa Williams" RECD 5/12/06

"D-Ring: Maiden's stamp" RECD 5/12/06

"D-Ring: Collars and Cuffs" RECD 5/24/06

"D-Ring: Ummph..." RECD 6/4/06

"D-Ring: Toy Bag" RECD 6/17/06

"D-Ring: A Tribute To Headmaster" RECD 6/17/06

"D-Ring: Sado Circus" RECD 6/17/06

"D-Ring: Old Guard" RECD 6/17/06

"The Da Vinci Code" RECD 6/29/06

"Sprite's Fairy ring: Little Bitty Pretty One" RECD 7/1/06

"Many Moods Of Tink ring: The Coy One" RECD 7/1/06

"Cartoon Characters III: Josie and the Pussycats" RECD 7/1/06

"Atlas Quest Road Trip" RECD 7/11/06


Postal Letterboxes Created:

"A Series Of Unfortunate Boxes: Pickled Pete" SENT 4/4/05 (First PLB made by me!!!)

"Movie Mania Ring: Choice" SENT 4/25/05

"Book Chatter Ring: Dan Brown's 'The Da Vinci Code'" SENT 5/12/05 (Returned 7/25/05- Now RETIRED from PLB-dom)

"Nightmare Before Christmas ring: event stamp" SENT 9/16/05

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer ring: event stamp" SENT 9/16/05

"101 Things at a Gathering: Check for Bugs" SENT 10/29/05

"Sweet Treats ring event stamp" SENT: 1/5/06

"Sweet Treats: Nerds" SENT: 1/5/06

"Sweet Treats: Dum Dums" SENT: 1/14/06

"Buffy tVS Opening Credits" SENT w/ 101 Things PLB for second run

"Kevin Smith PLB ring: Faith and Central Air" SENT: 1/14/06

"Poetry Postal ring: Heaven In My Head" SENT: 2/25/06

"D-ring: Whips & Chains" SENT: 6/17/06

"The Sauniere Cryptex" SENT: 6/29/06

"The Riddle Of The Cryptex" SENT: 6/30/06


Event Stamps Found:

WNY Gathering event stamp (Box NY) 11/13/04

Thank God For Team Dakota MiniMeet stamp (TGFTD) 4/10/05

Spriland Fling Mini Meet stamp 7/24/05

Cabin Fever event stamp 7/24/05

Time Cover event stamp7/24/05

Letterboxing North America stamp 11/13/04

Fear Faketor event stamp 7/30/05

Are We There Yet? event stamp 7/30/05

I <3 Chocolate traveling event stamp 7/30/05

Spirit of the Red Horse 7/30/05

The Diva Gets Around traveling event stamp 8/25/05

The Diva Gads About traveling event stamp 8/25/05

Black Cat traveling event stamp 8/27/05

The Four Seasons traveling event stamp (NHL, NFL, MLB, NBA)(4 stamps) 8/27/05

Just Playin' Around WNY 3rd Annual WNY Gathering event stamp 8/27/05

Desperately Seeking Sun event stamp 2/18/06

Desperately Seeking Suds event stamp 2/19/06

Beach Kiteflying 2/19/06

Florida Snowglobe 2/19/06

Sailfish 2/19/06

Florida Lottery 2/19/06

Here Comes The Sun 2/19/06

Spring Cleaning Mini Meet: It's About !@#$ Time!" 3/25/06

Spring Cleaning Mini Meet: Piling Up Deadfall" 3/25/06

Spring Cleaning Mini Meet: A Little Takeout" 3/25/06

Spring Cleaning Mini Meet: "High Spirits"" 3/25/06

National Day of Letterbox Planting event stamp 6/1/06 (for 5/24/06's P.A.L. Day)

3rd Annual Finger Lakes gather event stamp 6/17/06

Dartmoor Tor S'more event stamp 6/17/06

Letterboxers Gone Wild! event stamp 6/17/06

Ice Scream Sunday Event (Jr. Series) event stamp 6/28/06

Ice Scream Sunday Event event stamp 6/28/06


Event Stamps Created:

Box of Game Bones 8/10/05 (6 stamps!)
    Baseball Bat right arm
    Basketball and Net torso
    Bowling Ball head
    Golf Club right leg
    Hockey Stick left leg
    Tennis Racket left arm

AQ Ceremonial Candle Affirmation event stamp 8/16/05

Snurgerblatt HH Mini-Meet 10/09/05 (Helped carve) 

Been There, Done That, Moved The Stove Mini-Meet 11/27/05 (Helped carve)

Hello! Name Tag traveling event stamp 12/16/05

The First Ever Virtual Gathering! Event stamp 4/25/05 (Sent in the form of a PLB)



The Sprite and The Highlander (3) (First stamp, 2nd stamp, new stamp)

Irish American Princess

Team Dakota

Swift Falcon

Star Cat Star of the Elba Onions

Janice of the Elba Onions

Butterfly of the Elba Onions

Baby Pink Bag Piper of the Elba Onions

Craftymouse, Dandelion, and The Spirit of Mr. Pidgeon (3)

(Itty Bitty bug stamp)

Wanda and Pete (Letterboxing ROYALTY!!!)

Clan Jiggs

MTNest Robin

Miss Moon

Dagonell the Pirate

The North Woods Explorers (4)

Hikers And Hounds

Irene's Dancing Bear Bat

Ninja Rob

Dusty Strings

Roc 'n Ron

Silver Dragon of Kenmore Quinn Clan

Green Star Quinn of Kenmore Quinn Clan

Quinn Duchess of Kenmore Quinn Clan

Buffalo Quinn of Kenmore Quinn Clan

Butterfly Best Friends (Rachel and Stephanie) (2)

Silly ol' Bear





Silver Vikings (3)

Team Night Flyers (2)



She Who Plants

Fearless Leader

Team Sainthood (Anchorman, DebBee, Jackrabbit) (3)





Kreepy Kelli

Talking Turtle


North Star

Rush Gatherer (of the Dawn Landers)

Powwow Dancer (of the Dawn Landers)

Dreaming In Color

Minpin Lovers




Music Woman

Papa Bear

Mama Bear



Game Freak


Rabbit's Friends And Relations


Chile Boy


Betsy Ross

Dreaming Beagle


City Girl

Team Safari

The Northerner

Donny The Fearless Leader

Frog Flamer

Dances With Music (aka Jailbait)

Mama Rose

The Rosettes (2) (only two so far)


Sweet Heart (Callisto)



Darth Tater

Kodama (one of the Rosettes)

Black Rose Vampyre

The Tiny Tiger (another of the Rosettes)

Lock Wench

Baby Duck

Hatch Hiker



Jack Bear


Joy and Jane

The G Team


The Pumpkin Queen

We Who Must Not Be Named





Lost Girl



Maggie Miller

Eagle Eye

Team New Hampshire

Baby Bear







Ovid Portraits

Peace and Balance





Pelham Sue

Mark and Sue Pepe

Judith and Sparky



Team Green Dragon

Lone Wolf

Darth Lemmy



Bella Blue Eyes



hello from Joe

Bell Lady


Heavens Dreams

The Bird Stamper

Kathy o the Hounds

May Eve

Wild Rover

Smooth Mtn. Bikers





HJ Potter Fan







Black Jack

Green Tortuga


Amanda From Seattle




Silent Doug






Dr. Hawley Griffin

Jdy & Jds






3 Dog Night

Lucky Busy Bee

Fiddlin' Sweet


Knitting With Fire