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So. You're wondering who gives me all these wonderful quotes. Good for you. Well, here's a list of everyone who has contributed a quote for this site. If you have any quotes, jokes, etc., send them to me and I'll post them here. Happy quotin'!

Me, of course

Elizabeth A. Ricotta

Heather Aldrich

Samantha Alvarado

Miranda DiStefano

Kori Bishop

Jessica R. Levenson

Travis E. Craft

My grandmother, Joan P. Quinn

Karen (Carrie) J. Cowles

Trisha Belisteri (I think I spelled it right)

Elias Reden

Joe Delaney

Chloe Blazina

Kathy Fromm

Angelia Pagano

Val Weigold

Jacob Doyle

Dave Wolford

Christopher Rhimes

Conner Smith

Michelle Whipkey

Janet Cherry

And many more...


I'd also like to thank...

www.flamingtext.com, for their wonderful Headings

www.freebuttons.com and www.aaa-buttons.com,  for the great buttons

All the webcomic artists featured, Randy, Aeire, Max, Jon and Phillip, K. Sandra, Adis!, Chris, Rstevens, Hard, Tim, Scott, and Josh, and the ones I have temporarily forgotten

www.bravenet.com, birthhost of Not So Famous Quotes



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