~Other Parts~

Here's a list of some great sites, and a quick description of them!

www.wheresgeorge.com~~~Where's George? ~~~This is a really neat site, where you can track where all the money you have in your pocket goes before it gets to you, and where it goes after you let it go. It can track any denomination from 1 to 100. It's quite interesting.

www.hottopic.com~~~Hot Topic ~~~This is the online website for one of my favorite stores ever-Hot Topic! Fans of my t-shirt page will love this place...Check it out, get some great stuff!

www.spencergifts.com~~~Spencer's Gifts ~~~Another awesome store, lots of cool stuff. Check it out! Currently under site renovation.

www.emode.com~~~Emode.com ~~~This is a great site, full of tests for you to take, such as IQ tests, Personality tests, and even tests that determine who your Hollywood movie star double is!

www.killfrog.com~~~KillFrog.com ~~~An interesting site, with lots of cartoons, including Ultimate Surviver- based on Surviver! Stars made up people and creatures. Halarious!! Go check it out!

www.gamewinners.com~~~GameWinners ~~~A great site for codes and cheats for virtually every game for every system! Need to know something? They can help you! (Warning! Cheating is not nice!)

www.crazythoughts.com ~~~Crazy Thoughts ~~~A site full of things for you to think about...or not think about, depending on your point of view...

www.deathclock.com ~~~The Death Clock ~~~A site that calculates your date of death! Including the counter that tells you exactly how many seconds you have left! Creepy!

www.lyrics.com ~~~Lyrics.com ~~~The site to go for it you need the words to that song you just can't get out of your head!

www.altavista.com ~~~Alta Vista ~~~A quick search and reference site, complete with a Translater! Translate from French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, etc...all into English! And back!

www.badassbuddy.com ~~~Bad Ass Buddy Icons! ~~~Hate that AIM icon? Come here and download a kickass one!

www.csbanana.com ~~~CS Banana ~~~ Hey you Counter-Strikers out there! This site has all the info you need to fuel your CS needs! Maps, skins, Steam skins, CS:CZ, and all the latest info! Check it out!