A Look Upon My Wall by Walter W. Quinn III


As the day grows dim and the shadow rubs against my legs

I look around my dismal room, and can only see these eggs

Born of a womb that knows no woman, and spawn from only

One male mind that is just but lonely.


These images come flooding back, no barrier knows its bounds

better than my eyes can see it's fate and rounds

the bend of emotions faster than electricity grounds

itself immediately with whatever closest it has found.


Only visions of her sweet embrace are followed by the visage, her pretty face

unscarred but unforgiving, uninfinite, a total lack of space

that shows itself to those who haven't chosen

but within which itself is frozen.


My sugary gift is now dissolved, draining past my new resolve

which to some may seem unsound, but those who know it are abound

and willing just to help my cause, a poor man with but no unpause

and into this heart he goes unleading but a new man, still proceeding


The time has past, is it not anew

the face of many I have not met a few

to help me with my own desire, a wish for more

of what now makes my heart so sore.


Without her time passes yet so too not slow,

up a creek with naught but what with to row

my battleship now lie in ruin around my feet

and my body is set upon the street


No vehicle may travel over

No mister and his little rover

climbing above the highest tower mover

without the safety net, a man without his lover


But yet still I move and rise;

I am yet to be sure capsize

without the fight amongst my demons for the reins

A body, soul the devil without the rains.