ďCrystal TearsĒ by Walter W. Quinn III


Dream on,

Think about tomorrow,

Always have fear but never feel sorrow,


Think back,

Remember days past,

Nothing but memories, theyíll always last,


Focus now,

Itís all about time,

Forward and backward as you hear the chime,


Bells ringing in your head,

As your visionís turning red,

Calm down,


Despite what it always seems to be,

Timeís not easy, nor is it free,

Slow down,


You may already have a clue,

Itís impossible for you to

End time,


Harder than it needs to be,

Stronger than it should be,

Always there,

Doesnít seem fair,

Ignorant of your plea,


Just pick your road, your path in life,

Keep your eyes pointed the way thatís right,

Carefully pick your husband or wife,

Never wanting but prepared for the fight.


As you go on, donít fear timeís end,

Moving fast or slow, just keep your friend

Nearby, calm your nerves,

Focus on what your memory serves,

Anythingís possible, right or wrong,

Just dream onÖ