"Dark Holes" by Walter W. Quinn III


There is this space where my heart used to be,

An open spot that I gave away free.

There is a hole in that very spot.

Now it's so cold, but it was once hot

Until it was ripped out of me.


A blank space is now all that remains

Where my love was housed, and all that pertains

The love of my life, the girl of my dreams

Has left me for more than it seems

I could have given, but am now unwillingly left in the rain.


What was once filled with laughter and fun and good times

Is now just a shell, a parked car picking up fines.

I once was so happy, so glad and so trusting,

But when she brought me her case, I admit I was flustering.

Could it be that my girl is no longer mine?


The past few weeks have all been a blur,

I know the motor's running, but I can't hear the whir

This empty hole is just giving me pain

And what's worse is that I can't tell her to refrain.

The tool used to mine that very gem is only being pointed by her.


The all-knowing chief, the true master

Could only stand there, wanting to ask her

Why must you do this, what have I done?

I miss you so much...I miss the fun.

Proclaiming my love, I know I could change. I just wish I had faster.