Deep Inside” by Walter W. Quinn III



Have you ever met the man next door?

Seems like good, kind, but then you find there’s more.

He has a history that none should know.

Mass murderers you spot, from these evil can flow.


Have you ever met the girl from down the street?

Quiet and shy, graceful and quick on her feet.

She has a story that no one knows, and there’s no one she can tell.

So, all alone to everyone, she fell.


He spends all day doing what he wishes.

She stands quietly, does the dishes.

He grabs her, and against her will,

She is forced to his desires help fulfill.


But because of who he his, she says nothing.

For to say against him would only bad things bring.

Her position is terrible, justice isn’t always that.

Split, it’s nothing or the family to go flat.


She’s not the only one. Sure there’s another.

Worst yet, there’s also their mother.

But she’s not only the only one that’s willing,

She’s also in the dark to that which he finds thrilling.


What is the girl to do, to do?

She only wishes she knew, she knew.

But there is now something different in the mix…

Someone to help, but not someone who can help fix.


It’s a new man in her life, someone with her now,

That to be kind to her is his ultimate vow.

He is her ear, her shoulder, and her shelter.

He’ll be there always, despite weather frigid or swelter.


No one should ever be subjected to such a thing.

It causes pain that will forever sting.

Whether the mouth stays closed or becomes unlocked,

There is still an ear for her that will be not be locked.