ď<3Ē    by Walter W. Quinn III


Have you ever watched what you knew not to grow

To suddenly multiply, ooze all over, overflow?

The timing couldnít be worse, your utter desire

Becoming a gargantuan puddle of fire.


As it runs down your arms, legs, drips off your cheeks,

You step back, take it in, smell-oh how it reeks!

Such a sweet smell it had been, a pleasant treat

Once forgotten now, only to be incomplete.


A feeling you felt before, but pushed aside

Now sends you flying, takes you for a ride

On a seat that shakes and vibrates, spinning

Out of control, but itís a game no oneís winning.


It drops of the tip of your nose, to meet its twin flying to your tongue

And sloshes around your teeth, spicing the buds on surface, before itís flung

Near the back, itís bittersweet, sugar no longer there she meets,

Instead, alone, no hot cocoa taste, no Valentineís sweets.


Last but yet least, a sound to hear more,

A loverís kiss, a cry for amourÖ

The pain in the shriek! The utter despair!

The unbelievable task that for some is so rare.


As your brain tries to make sense of these,

That very same liquid begins to freeze,

Ice cold it seems, but warmth soon follows,

As dignity, pride, respect quickly swallows.