“Her” by Walter W. Quinn III


So we walk along occasionally,

Looking ahead but each other we see,

I smile when I look at her but glance away

Whenever I see her look my way.


What’s this feeling I have now

She’s so strange and I only say wow

When she says yes and we’re together

And suddenly my heart’s light as a feather


Beating so hard whenever she leans

Near me, my arms tingle, whatever this means,

But I can’t take my eyes off of her,

And my heart and head seem to concur,


She’s worth more than anything,

This isn’t just some kind of fling,

She could really be it, reality starts to blur,

And as time goes by, I only think of her.


Only two days but an eternity it seems,

This girls all over, even in my dreams,

Calling me over, and playing with my head,

Till I wake up in a sweat, alone in my bed.


She’s what I’ve thought about all day

And to her my daydreams begin to stray,

Nothing seems to keep me here

And nothing about her do I fear.


When she kisses me, my mind soars

To another world, on some distant shores,

It’s just her and I, again together,

And I feel that nothing we couldn’t weather.


Nothing more could I ask for,

(except, perhaps, that she doesn’t snore)

I wait again, till I can see her,

And again my reality can begin to blur.