"Her Eyes Like Night" by Walter W. Quinn III

Lying there with her beside me,
Fingers flying and kisses free
Me from the torment of my past
and I only hope that this will last.

She has become a shining light
In this dark and dismal night
That once defined my life,
A twisting trip marked by strife.

Her eyes like Night pass over
Body and but soul, moreover,
And as the stunning clearness rises
With vague emotion my heart surprises.

Though my life like an open book
Lies before her, she does not look,
Instead her mind cares only for new
Beginnings, and thus is true.

She says so much with those eyes,
I see belief, justice, underneath lies
Of which it is so clear
That they stick me like a spear.

Her eyes like Night give cover
To the elements of her lover,
And as Night they can be trained,
To steal from any whom might have feigned.

Deep inside those glittering spheres,
I see her frail self as it disappears,
Being replaced by one with strength anew,
And this life I now pursue.

It is her eyes like Night I watch,
This new relation I dare not botch,
And it is at Night I start and wake,
Begging what not she be to take.