"Homework and Loneliness" by Walter W. Quinn III


Here I lay, with my books spread out,

pen in hand, I'm about ready to shout

I'm so annoyed, swamped, and lonely,

Even this homework can't distract me from the one and only.


My eyes burn with fatigue, and the lids droop,

the ink on the page seems to do loop-de-loop,

and as the phone rings, my heart does jump,

disappointed again, I swallow back down that lump.


Music softly trickles in my ear,

but no decibel level can cover my fear

that without her, I cannot be complete,

I'm Superman and can't even climb to my feet.


As I turn over, focus back on the work,

in the corner of my eye I see her smirk,

But as my head turns, the image fades,

And pain returns, sharp as razor blades.


That hole in my heart, despite friendship's repair,

still bleeds, still aches, still sways to fair,

In a fit of rage, I harness that power,

my blood ink as I over homework now tower.


Pen scratching, whipping across the page,

anger flows as from a tiger in a cage,

She dances around me, laughs at my sight,

And I can't have her, even with my might.


I try to ignore her, but pain only increases,

without her by my side I am falling to pieces,

As pages turn, and knowledge flows forth,

I cannot withstand my heart's journey north.


I'm a different person now, I don't like it,

I've lost bits of me, my tolerance and wit,

I glance at the page, realize my work's done,

and now it's from life I'm beginning to run.