ďLopped LoopĒ by Walter W. Quinn III


Old age grips me all over

Soul and mind,

Despite the youth in mine own clover,

Inside itís what youíll find.


So young and fruitful, just begun,

Lifeís now over, grab the gun.

Only I can see inside,

Only I have been on this ride.


Shown the visions saved behind these eyes,

Record playing earís own lies,

My nostrils flaring, aromas deep,

Brain stays Ďlert, memories keep.


Fingers pruning in front of me,

My faithís now in despair,

Drawn on paper, family tree,

Now fades away, and isnít fair.


This young I am, but still Iíve known,

Years passed before theyíve truly been,

All of this I have been shown,

But now those cubs arenít in my den.


Wishes made, some granted,

Quips of love sincerely chanted.

But now split, love departed,

In strange land, all uncharted.


Living the lives of several twice

When just these so far have been concise,

Golden years coming far too early,

These youthful years far from pearly.


Despite his foothold in my consciousness,

My body old age cannot take away,

Until the two, unbroken in ferociousness,

Mind and carrier, aged equal in so they.