Love Again by Walter W. Quinn III



To my ex-girlfriend:


I was once there for you. Every day. Every hour. Every minute.

You'd pick up the phone and I'd already be on the line.

I spent countless hours with you, but cried when I thought about my life without you in it.

But on the day you broke up with me, I didn't feel fine.


You didn't just rip my heart out-you nearly destroyed it for others.

To the world, I was dead for months, while you just moved right on.

I hated every minute during that time. To see you in another's...

But then there was more than one. And I began to wonder...was I just one more fawn?


Then I opened my eyes. There were suddenly people around me.

And after I opened my eyes...I opened my heart again.

Heart was what I had...but not all that was key.

What happened was not just a sheer emotion drain.


She was there. She'd been hurt. She let me in.

We shared things noone has...noone should...noone should be without.

We're together now. But this new love...I realize it wasn't what we had, not that thin...

What she and I have makes every single inch of me want to shout.


To my ex-girlfriend: I leave to you those peices of heart that you took from me.


I don't need them anymore.


She gave me new ones.