ďSmilesĒ by Walter W. Quinn III


The slightest touch reverberates all over

The body tingling, swaying and shivering

When fingers are barely brushed by the lover

When she smiles and her heartís delivering.

Nothing she says, and as my skin is quivering,

Nothing is her answer as questions I must uncover.


It seems to her that I donít believe her,

It isnít what I am looking for or after

That I inquire as to the inner workings of her,

That useful thinking device is built for laughter.

Just her smile that I want to reach to the rafter,

Just my mouth on her ear and I almost hear her purr.


I can watch as my words begin their travel,

I can see the true effects,

Twisting the undernerves as her brain does unravel,

Twisting truths to trust that true complex

And the best part is what subjects,

And we grasp hands and begin a walk on gravel.


Near her I draw, and her to me I do,

Near each other is an unbelievable mile.

Until we touch, it is no matter how close we drew,

Until we connect, I only have a perfect smile.

Without that image, my mind feels vile,

Without this contact, it is me and you, not two.


But then I reach up again, and brush

But the hairs from you face,

Time begins to slow, there seems to be no rush

Time is obsolete as we drop out of this life race.

Smile again for me, as across that my finger will trace,

Smile just once more as the world does hush.


Nature has itís crooks and crannies, your

Nature is true with your cheeks with those dimples,

My own mouth begins the same, itís sure

My heart quickens, and face wimples,

Again I remember lifeís little simples,

Again I see your heart, so pure.