Sudden” by Walter W. Quinn III


A dark spot has formed on my mind,

My eyes dart around, trying to find

The cause, the start of all that confuses

My senses, an argument of refuses

To believe what the others are feeling

While one sense tingles, another is reeling.


One eye sees with amazing clarity as

The other rolls about and avoids its view.

My nostrils aflare, scents anew float

My brain seems at war with some of its own kind.


My tongue swirls and swishes across my teeth

The very nourishment that my mouth now sheaths

From the rest of the body unknown, only

The parts that are left seemingly lonely.


My vision begins to dim,

Red spots dance along the rim,

Body gone cold, fingers askew,

Skin turning the deepest blue,

As the beverage of life flows

Out of me, my life’s shows.