ďTwist of FateĒ by Walter W. Quinn III 


Our lips touch and ZAP! across them both,

More than just a touch, but in such a way growth

Of a feeling, an emotion, a drug with what a rush,

And my mind is transported to a place so lush,

With each kiss anew mine eyes do display

A different but familiar sight, but taken away

By the next and the last, both together and apart

Jump forward, backward, in inexplicable art,

My senses tingling, awaiting some more,

But hark! What ho? I fall on the floor.


Gone you are, disappeared or invisible?

Is this our game, or relationship divisible?

The feeling fades, but such a reminder

Is left on my brain, my tongue, my lips, not kinder,

And as I search the room and the floor,

My mindís escaping, door after door,

As running increases, breath is fleeting,

And my voice rises, I beckon, entreating

You come back, undisappear, give another chance!

But the sweet music replies, like a Spartanís lance.


No, it is done, for us it is ended,

Our lines of life, no longer to be blended.

Those emotions, feelings, to which I befriended,

Now twist and distort, and I am left unattended,

My body twitches, remembrance fading,

As daylight declines, my eyes being degrading,

My wounds left unaddressed, air and blood trading,

As the sweet evil voice leaves, ever serenading.

I am left alone, unbelieved, and bleeding,

As in the dark my senses, imagination is feeding.