ďWordsĒ by Walter W. Quinn III



I like to hear the sound of your voiceÖ

Even if itís just inside my head.

Thereís nothing I like better than

Your arms around me, because Iím your man.

Looking for movies or books Iíve read,

It doesnít matter what we choose but itís the choice.


Though youíre so far away at times,

It feels as though youíre right beside me.

Sometimes you talk and feel so sad,

But worse is that itís just me, and Iím so mad.

And then you come around, then I feel so free,

Itís your touch making me fly sometimes.


When you enter the room, my heart, it will pound,

And I know to turn around because youíre there.

As we embrace, your hair in my face presents

Scents for my brain to immerse in, browse itís contents.

But sometimes my mouth says something wrong, and itís not fair,

For you draw back, and disappear, nowhere to be found.


I canít imagine what Iíd do without you,

But worse than that I worry I might find out.

My time with you, despite itís expanse,

I enjoy entirely, and would jump at the chance

To spent it all again, the exact same way but without

The hesitation, the worry, the fear, but with you.